Numicon Count and Clip Cards

Numbers up to 30, look what we can do! We’ve had so much experience of using numicon and are developing a really good understanding of number past 10. Here’s a little count and clip card game I use during maths warm ups and direct teaching. We have been talking about how to make 2 digit numbers using the numicon, highlighting how many tens we need and how this relates to the written numerals. For this 30 card, the children might identify it by skip counting in tens: 10, 20, 30. Or they might realise it is ‘3 whole tens and 0 more’, making the links with the numeral. I┬áhave put the tens numicon pieces first on the card, followed by the units to reinforce this idea.

I have a similar tens frame clip card game and a range of tens frame activities available to download.

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