Countdown to Ghana project

The preparations for my Limited Resources Teacher Training Ghana project have well and truly started. 5 completed fundraisers, lots of jabs, flights booked – this is happening!

But how did I get here? I have always wanted to do a project like this, pushing my boundaries and offering help to others. I had also always assumed it was too hard, something that more capable and adventurous people do. Then one day I stopped thinking ‘What if I can’t’ and started thinking ‘What if I can’. I dared to entertain the thought for a moment that if I put my mind to it, this would be something I could actually do. And if I can, do I actually want to, or is it more comfortable keeping this idea as a one-day-maybe sort of dream?

It was really the project that convinced me that this experience is for me. The structure of the projects mean that fellows (that’s me!) work in conjunction with local charities and organisations to deliver training in a sustainable way, building skills and capacity year on year. That’s really what caught my attention, to let my 3 weeks of volunteering be part of a bigger movement towards improving education.

So why Ghana? It was one of only 2 projects running in the Scottish summer holiday!

So that’s what I’m doing in July, have a look at the LRTT website if you’d like to know more. Or even come with me?

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