Welcome Back to the Maths Table!

Maths Table

Welcome back to the maths table! We’re now learning about numbers up to 20 and there are plenty of opportunities here for exploration, play and learning.

So what is a maths table? Basically I’ve just extended my 1 – 10 maths provocations for numbers up to 20 and taped it all down. Why so much tape, I hear you ask. After years of trying different combinations of boxes, baskets and zip lock bags to keep thing looking organised and enticing, I have found out the only way to stop things wandering is to stick it down. So I did. With lots of tape. Although not too much as I know I will have to peel it all off sooner or later.

Great news, the number cups are back! Spotty ones this time. I did lose a few of the 1 – 10 stripy cups as my maths table at that time was perilously close to the home corner. So I’ve moved the maths table and replenished the cups. I have 2 sets of 11 – 20, one for matching to the numerals and other to the numicon print outs.

I’m reusing my numicon matching game for numbers 11 – 20 that I made last year. Each card has velcro on so the children can stick them in place.

At the back of the maths table I have a 1 – 20 numberline just for a bit of support and there are a couple of boxes of numicon. As well as doing the matching activities I have described, my students have also been experimenting and playing with the resources, which is great. They’ve been making the 2 digit numbers with the numicon and matching the cups to each other in different ways.


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