This time next week . . .

This time next week I’ll be arriving in Ghana! Test pack is done, list mostly checked, reasonable amount of freaking out accomplished.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the friends, family and businesses who have helped out with the fundraising and encouraged/put up with me while I’ve got everything all organised. Your support means a lot to me!

I will be spending 3 days visiting classrooms and teachers in schools to find out how they teach and the challenges that they face. The rest of my time will be spent planning and delivering training to teachers, head teachers, officials from the Ghana Education Service and College Tutors. No pressure then!

I’m going to spend this last week collecting resources to take out as donations to 2 schools that I have managed to make contact with. They are in need of the basics for learning and teaching: pencils, rubbers, sharpeners. If you have donations you’d like me to take out please let me know, or feel free to add a donation to my gofundme page and I will buy some resources and take them out on your behalf.

Thanks again and wish me luck!

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