My teaching trip to Ghana 2017

In July 2017 I will be setting off for 3 weeks on the adventure of a lifetime to work alongside and support teachers in Ghana. This project, organised by Limited Resource Teacher Training is designed to help teachers who face challenges such as limited training and resources, coupled with large class sizes. In Ghana, 98% of Year 2 students are unable to read and almost half of Primary School students do not continue onto Secondary School. I am hoping to use my knowledge of teaching in early years to help support local teachers and improve children’s access to education.

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The project will start with observations in Ghanaian classrooms to identify challenges and then I will work with local teachers to implement suitable strategies. The project is designed to have ongoing benefits beyond the 3 week visit by training local leaders who can pass on this newfound knowledge and skills and enhance the teaching in many classrooms. I’m lucky enough to be doing this project with my friend Ann-Marie and we will be volunteering alongside other teachers from different countries.

I am fundraising to enable me to take part in this incredible project. The money I raise will go towards my accommodation, food and travel in Ghana and taking part in the teacher training and mentoring programme. I would be very grateful for donations of any amount and I look forward to bringing education to more children around the world.

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